Forgiving and Forgetting

As a part of the on-going #ThirdSunday series of “Finding Comfort in the Heart”, the BK Miami Meditation Center hosted a program on “Forgiving and Forgetting” on March 17th, Sunday.

The conversation was facilitated by meditators Marianne Weiss and BK Veronica McHugh. About 25 guests collectively had a beautiful exchange on the pertinent topic of forgiveness and many participants were especially keen to know its connection with the aspect of forgetting. Every participant added their life experiences and resonated with the idea of “changing perspectives” to help forgive and how Forgetting is an aspect where a past memory doesn’t trigger back the emotions. It was shared how meditation and deep silence facilitate the process of understanding, forgiving & forgetting and how each of us can check our resources and reach such an internal stage where we can even help others go past their mistakes.

This series is held in conjunction with the #WorldPeaceMeditation offered by the Brahma Kumaris on the third Sunday of each month.