Miami Meditation Center

Miami is a global city, pulsating 24 hours a day with diverse cultures, ethnicities and tourist attractions. Amidst all of this there is Florida’s unique eco-system, the Everglades, a place where time slows down and one can sink into the deep rest of inner peace. For over 30 years, the Miami BK Meditation Center has offered a guided inward journey through the practice of meditation.

Meditation in the Workplace

Meditation in the Workplace The program introduces meditation to your organization’s employees, members, or community. Work environments today are brimming with stress, conflict, and uncertainty. Employees are feeling insecure about their jobs at times, or...

Foundation Course in Raja Yoga Meditation

Foundation Course in Raja Yoga Meditation The topics covered in this course lead to a deeper understanding of yourself, your intrinsic positive qualities and your innate value. In time, this understanding becomes a natural part...

Walk in Meditation Classes

Walk-in Meditation Classes Due to covid, registration will be required for the time being.  Please check our upcoming events and we look forward to welcoming you.  No registration is necessary, simply Walk-In for our weekly...

When the mind calms down, life becomes easy

Our Community

We are a gathering of people from many parts of the world, from many religious backgrounds, with all kinds of talents and qualities forming a family, a student body and a gathering of inwardly directed individuals who care about people and who are intensely interested in cultivating our connection with the Divine.