Meditation in the Workplace

The program introduces meditation to your organization’s employees, members, or community.

Work environments today are brimming with stress, conflict, and uncertainty. Employees are feeling insecure about their jobs at times, or are expected to produce more with less while constantly being bombarded with a fury of information. As the workplace becomes more demanding, methods for stress management and lifestyle improvement are increasingly popular.

Corporations of all sizes, industries, and locations are spending millions to implement wellness programs in the workplace. According to Fidelity Investments® and the National Business Group on Health, US corporate spending on wellness programs has more than doubled in the past five years, now averaging nearly $600 per employee. The most popular employee wellness programs include exercise and nutrition, lifestyle programs, and stress management. According to a study by the US Department of Labor, about half of all corporations with more than 50 employees now have wellness programs.

True well-being, the seed of wellness, is rooted in a person’s ability to self-manage the quality and quantity of thoughts that race through the mind each day, enabling a return to a stable state of being. The more we can do this, the greater our inner capacity to meet life’s daily challenges.

The Miami BK Meditation Center provides keynote speakers and meditation teachers for all types of events, be they small or large, in-house or external. We can customize the session according to your organization’s needs and interests. Our experienced meditation teachers who study and teach a modern and practical form of meditation based on the ancient practice of Raja Yoga.

Possible topics include managing tension, harmonizing relationships, dealing with negativity, and inspiring creativity.

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Speakers Bureau

Ed Stevenson
is a chef specializing in healthy cooking. He has been a dedicated student and teacher of Raja Yoga meditation for 30 years. Ed teaches meditation at the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center in Miami, many public libraries and other venues. He is a nature lover whose meditation walks are very popular.




Meeta Saxena
was born in Mumbai and as a civil engineer works on Road Safety projects and infrastructure proposals. She learned Raja Yoga Meditation while pursuing her graduate studies and enjoys continuing to learn and applying the spiritual skills in her daily life. She facilitates meditation sessions for groups and in her free time, likes to cook, bike, swim and listen to songs.






Mercedes Cuartero completed her bachelors in biology and doctoral in dental surgery in Toronto, Canada and she has been practicing dentistry for several years. She studies and teaches meditation classes with the Brahma Kumaris at several leading businesses in South Florida. She also has a spiritual blog of her insights on and gives prenatal/birthing talks to expecting couples as a certified childbirth instructor with the Hypnobirthing Institute.




Patricia Calhoun, ARNP, MSN is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner and a long-time meditator. She provided patient outcare at Jackson Memorial Hospital for more than 30 years. She enjoys sharing her knowledge of the overall health benefits of daily meditation practice. Balancing this knowledge with the calm, peace, and stress reduction sensed during guided meditation provides a true experience of the benefits.




Tejsingh Rana
, a civil engineer, designs highways for Florida Department Of Transportation. He loves being close to nature and enjoys spending time in parks and beaches. Tej values his practice of RajaYoga meditation and the practical applications of spiritual wisdom to empower the self. He currently teaches meditation regularly on Hollywood Beach.



Meredith Porte is an independent television producer and host living in South Florida. Producing television programs for WLRN Public Television in South Florida was her profession and passion for over 35 years. She recently produced and hosted the popular arts show ArtStreet for WLRN.

Some of her other WLRN TV productions include the Emmy nominated series on health and wellbeing ‘Enlighten Up South Florida’. She also produced the national Public Television special ‘Making Your Dreams Come True’ which was hosted by Jack Canfield, creator of the legendary Chicken Soup for the Soul series.

Meredith has been seriously pursuing meditation and spirituality for over 31 years with the Brahma Kumaris. She currently teaches meditation at many leading South Florida businesses. Meredith has also been active with Images and Voices of Hope since its inception over 20 years ago as the South Florida coordinator and member of the Board of Directors. (This non-profit  merged with The Peace Studio in 2019) . She is now a member of The Peace  Studio Board of Directors.



Veronica McHugh has been a spiritual student and teacher for 40 years. She is the coordinator of the Brahma Kumaris work in Florida, speaking at numerous events in South Florida, and throughout the world.

Veronica has been an active member of Images and Voices of Hope (now the Peace Studio) in South Florida since the first conversation was convened over 17 years ago. She is also involved internationally as an Images and Voices of core team member and has participated in ivoh events throughout the world.



Kathleen A. Shea, Ph.D. has been a student and teacher of Raja Yoga meditation for more than 20 years. She has particular interest in bringing Raja yoga meditation to community settings, meeting people where they are and making BK meditation courses readily accessible.

Kathy is currently the owner of IAM, Inc., a consulting firm
providing applied research, evaluation, and consulting for
high-impact social programs.